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Notes From Past Diabetes Scholars Foundation Scholarship Recipients

TM from Lindenhurst, IL
The true turning point for me, and I hope Laura Billetdeaux and Mary Podjasek are reading this... was my first FFL this summer. I came home from the conference, and basically spent the next 2 days in tears. Happy tears, relief tears, just tears about what everyone there, including me has to go through every single day. Now, after having been to FFL this summer, I can truly say that I do accept my diabetes fully. It is a part of who I am. It has helped to make me who I am today. Diabetes is potentially shaping the career path I go on after graduation. I never really thought I had issues with wanting to hide my diabetes, but during FFL, I realized I actually did have insecurities about my diabetes. Everyone was whipping out their glucometers right and left at the dinner tables, and I was checking my number under the table, like I always did at home. People had pumps clipped wherever, and I had mine in my pocket. Not out of convenience I will add. I wasn't "abnormal" at FFL. I wasn't unique for having diabetes. FFL changed my point of view about diabetes in so many ways, and for that I am so thankful! Now, I wear my pump wherever, I wear tank tops with sites on my arms, I have my pump clipped and showing on my pants rather than hidden in a pocket. I test my blood sugar on top of the table at restaurants now. I have no diabetes shame anymore. Thank you to Laura and Jeff for the conference, and especially to Mary Podjasek for the scholarship which is the only way I would have ever been able to attend. I truly hope this was not my first AND LAST FFL conference.

So Mary....
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Thank you for the scholarship!

Lori and Hannah
Lori and her daughter Hannah attended the CWD Focus on Pumping conference in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

DMR, from Fort Hood, TX
It was a wonderful experience for all of us. We learned so much and most importantly for the first time our daughter was able to realize she is not alone in the battle of diabetes.

SM, from Phoenixville, PA
This has been such an amazing experience for us ... learning from the different staff, educators, and meeting different families throughout the week.

SH, from Charlestown, RI
Words cannot express what the conference did for my son, my mother and myself. We are so grateful for the opportunity to experience a CWD conference.

VC, from Frisco, TX
We feel like we are part of a new family ... a family that completely understands.

SB, from Ocala, FL
This was a life changing event for us. It allowed our daughter to have time to be with other children just like her.

PF, from Hagerhill, KY
It has meant a world of change, of growth, of learning. An invaluable, memorable event that has given us more confidence and knowledge than we can measure.

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