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Notes From Past Diabetes Scholars Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Thank you so much for this support toward my college education at Duke University this fall. I can't wait to start this incredible journey, and to start studying for a career in medicine. Thank you again for everything.
HR - Duke

I cannot thank you and the Diabetes Scholars Foundation enough for the generous scholarship you awarded me. I am at a loss for words to express just how grateful I am. I am also humbled by the fact that I was chosen out of such an elite group of students.
MD - St. Vincent College

Thank you so much for granting me one of your generous scholarships. I am very excited to be starting at the George Washington University this fall. Hopefully soon this scholarship will not be necessary, as there will be a cure.
BY - George Washington University

I wanted to thank you with sincere gratitude for your exuberant kindness in granting me this award. Words cannot describe how thankful and excited I am.
KS - Haverford College

Thank you for your confidence in me, and for awarding me the scholarship. I really appreciate the award; as anyone considering college knows, the cost of attending is astonishingly high, and any help in paying for school is greatly appreciated.
JO - Columbia University

I would like to say thank you so much, it is such an honor!
KC - Stony Brook

Thank you for choosing me to be a recipient of your scholarship! I am both honored and excited to have been chosen. I will use this generous scholarship next year as I attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
MR - University of Wisconsin-Madison









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